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FollowThisLink is a video delivery service allowing our clients to have confirmation of their media delivery. We utilize the latest web- and mobile-based technology to provide a reliable sharing service which seamlessly connects clients with content.
Using your customized dashboard you can track all delivery activity and the viewing progress of your client.
Your content is swiftly delivered for you, viewing data is captured in real time and your tracking data is stored in a safe, secure environment.
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“Having access to great content is one thing. Being able to deliver it with such ease? This is an absolute game changer!”
                               ~ Martin Jones

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innovative lead generation

About us

There are plenty of video hosting services available, but they lack the ability to customize reporting about individual viewing habits.

We found video hosting sites, but they didn’t track individual video viewings. Although analytics were based on the views per video, what we really needed was analytics based per viewer. We needed to know who watched what video and for how long.

We found great data collecting platforms and forms, but they did not track the data we needed.

We were able to build the nicest forms, but we quickly realized we needed to directly connect the viewing data with the viewer.

We found great dashboard software, but these solutions didn’t provide clarity and overview

We needed a viewer-based dashboard displaying view data in a clear and concise way that illustrated viewer progress with our predefined curriculum.

The solution

After looking long and hard to find a service that completed our challenge of combining these three activities in one robust solution without success, we decided to develop our own in-house solution.

As we developed our solution, we worked out the bugs and quickly we had a stable environment that met our needs. Once our solution was up and running and being shared with others, we instantly realized that with small modifications we were not only able to solve our own challenge, but we had actually stumbled upon a solution for a plethora of additional uses.

Historically, businesses and organizations had to bring employees into the office for training. In this post-COVID world, employees are working more and more from home but still need to complete training. However, employees are not always able to come into the office due to government restrictions, fears of exposure, etc. That does not negate the fact that we still must provide and monitor training.

We have solved the issue of monitoring training activity for work-at-home employees for other businesses and organizations too! Our solution has the capability to track and report individual viewing activity such as:

• New employee onboarding
• Compliance and continuing education
• Implementing new procedures
• Scheduled ISO training

• New representative onboarding
• Product rollout
• Product refreshers
• Compliance training

Thus, FollowThisLInk was born!

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